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Free databases listed here were compiled using WinOrganizer and GoldenSection Notes.
To view databases, use WinOrganizer, GoldenSection Notes and GoldenSection Reader that can be downloaded directly from our site.

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Database Author Size Update
A brief psychiatry 101 Tim Wallace 444 Kb 11/01/2006
Important people in australia Tim Wallace 761 Kb 10/31/2006
Household Hints Lori Houston 219 Kb 03/06/2005
Windows Tips Data Base Albert Miller 751 Kb 01/17/2005
ABCDE Diet (for WinOrganizer) Jason Serrano 41 Kb 10/18/2004
Institutions of the Czech Republic Dave Lynch Belica 111 Kb 10/02/2004
Basic Palm Reading Cat Parah 188 Kb 09/25/2004
International Recipes MunNa 243 Kb 08/16/2004
d20 System Reference Document Dave Neumann 2.09 Mb 07/21/2004
TechLibrary with Glossary Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Karl Loncarek 1.91 Mb 07/09/2004
Motion Picture Film Stock Vincent Tay 1.41 Mb 06/17/2004
Trivia & Pop Culture Giancarlo Carnevali 123 Kb 06/12/2004
Trivia Questions Suzy Bowler 33 Kb 05/05/2004
British Columbia Trip Planner (Holiday Planning) Jim Bullen 1.09 Mb 03/06/2004
BMW Series Information Robert Smith 688 Kb 03/03/2004
Camp Oven Recipes Chris Nichols 54 Kb 02/17/2004
CIA Factbook 2003 Wayne Farmer 2.42 Mb 11/16/2003
How to Prune Trees Jeff Godfrey 495 Kb 11/02/2003
The War of the Worlds Robert W. Aldrich 172 Kb 08/26/2003
The Big Green Egg Cookbook Cevan Twilley 362 Kb 18.06.2003
Church Ministry Jimmy Clark 201 Kb 05/22/2003
Rainbow: Albums Oleg 152 Kb 04/12/2003
PC Secrets Augusto Cabanilla 23 Kb 03/26/2003
The ILLIAD Muhammad Mamouri 356 Kb 03/23/2003
Secrets Of Lock Picking Muhammad Mamouri 890 Kb 03/23/2003
8 lectures on Yoga Muhammad Mamouri 88 Kb 03/23/2003
Oasis Discography, Lyrics Database David Talakhadze 89 Kb 02/18/2003
Herbs dajbo3 1.21 Mb 02/08/2003
Crochet Carol Robinson 1.26 Mb 02/05/2003
Psalms Sonicia Rules 3.41 Mb 02/02/2003
The imitations of Christ Mark Johns 174 Kb 12/18/2002
The Hardware Book: Adapter Jean-Claude Virot 240 Kb 09/30/2002
The Hardware Book: Cable Jean-Claude Virot 340 Kb 09/30/2002
The Hardware Book: Connector Jean-Claude Virot 1.04 Mb 09/30/2002
The X-Files Episode Guide Andrei Kulabukhau 575 Kb 09/06/2002
Favorite Sheet Music Albert Miller 94 Kb 05/22/2002
Scorpions: Albums Alexey Egorov 261 Kb 04/16/2002
One Life project. The basic mechanism of life. Peter Novy 1.13 Mb 03/18/2002
Handy preset links to Internet web sites Thomas Hobson 957 Kb 03/16/2002
English Irregular Verbs Pavel Kalinin 8 Kb 03/05/2002
Jokes 1 Yuri Zhdanov 182 Kb 02/27/2002
Cooking glossary of terms Igor S. Dahno 32 Kb 02/20/2002
Aaliyah lyrics Pavel Pavlov 35 Kb 02/07/2002
British Monarchs Tim Marley-Wallace 438 Kb 01/30/2002
British Folk Customs and Traditions (for WinOrganizer) David B Staves 12 Kb 01/11/2002
Famous Sayings Pavel Kalinin 21 Kb 12/11/2001
The Beatles lyrics Yuri Glushko 82 Kb 11/28/2001
Scandinavian pagan daybook (for WinOrganizer) Alex Agibalov 17 Kb 10/25/2001
As a man Thinketh James Allen Ajit Govindan 330 Kb 08/17/2001
'Laugh Out Loud' is a collection of jokes Tom Beach 86 Kb 08/13/2001
Cascading Style Sheets Andrey B. Bublikov 59 Kb 07/26/2001
Dante Alighieri 'The Divine Comedy' Masja de Rover 385 Kb 05/06/2001
The IBM PC Programmer's guide to C Vladimir Skvortzov 138 Kb 03/26/2001
'Survival Kits', poems, bag tags, toppers and more Joy Kawamura 86 Kb 03/21/2001
Jokes Ver Malana 69 Kb 02/17/2001
Die Bibel (German) Jorg Hornig 262 Kb 02/13/2001
King James Bible. Old Testament and New Testament. Ronnie Roberts 1.8 Mb 01/23/2001
Alice In Wonderland Masja de Rover 162 Kb 01/11/2001
The Dhammapada spiritual book Masja de Rover 194 Kb 01/07/2001
The Bhagavad-Gita spiritual book Masja de Rover 152 Kb 01/07/2001
The Wizard of Oz Robert Walker 148 Kb 01/03/2001
Peterpan story book Robert Walker 209 Kb 12/26/2000
New Testament Robert Walker 466 Kb 12/20/2000
Recipes of pies Robert Walker 25 Kb 12/08/2000
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