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Database Author Size Date Download
Motion Picture Film Stock Vincent Tay 1.41 Mb 06/17/2004

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By compiler:

Complete Motion Picture Film Stock Database compiled on 12 June 2004, with hyperlinks to the respective manufacturer's Technical Data Sheets
17 june 2004, Vincent Tay

Motion Picture Film Stock
Database content (in some cases, compressed to get a general view)

 Motion Picture Film Stock
      AGFA as at 12/6/04
      ILLFORD as at 12/6/04
      FUJI as at 12/6/04
  Fuji Film Technology
  Print Film
  Color Reversal
      Fujifilm Positive Film 3513DI
      Fujifilm Positive Film 3510
  Camera Film
  Fuji Negative (Color)
  F-250T Color Negative Film
  F-500 Color Negative Film
  F-125 T Color Negative Film
  F-400 Color Negative Film
  F-64D Color Negative Film
  F-250D Color Negative Film
  Reala 500D Color Negative Film
      KODAK as at 12/6/04
  Kodak Chronology of MP Films
  Camera Film
  Kodak Negative (Color)
  VISION2 100T 5212 / 7212
  VISION2 200T 5217 / 7217
  VISION 200T - 5274 / 7274
  VISION 320T - 5277 / 7277
  VISION 500T - 5279 / 7279
  VISION2 Expression 500T 5229/7229
  VISION2 500T 5218 / 7218
  VISION Expression 500T - 5284 / 7284
  EASTMAN EXR 100T - 5248 / 7248
   VISION 250D - 5246 / 7246
  EASTMAN EXR 50D - 5245 / 7245
  Kodak Reversal (Color)
  EASTMAN EKTACHROME (Daylight) - 7239
  EASTMAN EKTACHROME High Speed Daylight Film - 7251
  KODACHROME 40 Movie Film (Type A) - 7268 / 7270
  EASTMAN EKTACHROME (Tungsten) - 7240
  Kodak Black & White
  EASTMAN DOUBLE-X - 5222 / 7222
  EASTMAN PLUS-X Negative Film 5231/7231
  KODAK TRI-X Reversal Film 7266
  KODAK PLUS-X Reversal Film 7265
  EASTMAN PLUS-X Reversal Film 7276
  Kodak Discontinued
      Kodak Reversal (Color)
  EASTMAN EKTACHROME High-Speed Film 7250 (Tungsten)
  KODACHROME 25 Movie Film (Daylight) / 7267
      Kodak Negative (Color)
  KODAK VISION 800T Color Negative Film - 5289 / 7289
  EASTMAN EXR 200T - 5287 / 7287
  KODAK SFX 200T Color Negative Film
  KODAK PRIMETIME 640T 5620/7620
  EASTMAN EXR 500T - 5298
  EASTMAN EXR 500T - 5296 / 7296
  EASTMAN EXR 200T 5293 / 7293
  EASTMAN 5247
  EASTMAN Color High Speed Daylight Negative Film - 5297 / 7297
  Intermediate Film
      VISION Color Intermediate Film 5242 / 7242 / 2242 / 3342 Estar Base
      EASTMAN Color Internegative II Film 5272 / 7272
  Black & White
      EASTMAN Fine Grain Duplicating Positive Film 5366/7366
      EASTMAN Fine Grain Duplicating Panchromatic Negative Film 5234 / 7234
      EASTMAN High Contrast Panchromatic Film 5369
      KODAK Panchromatic Separation Film 2238
      EASTMAN High Contrast Positive Film 5363/7363
  Print Films
      KODAK VISION Color Teleprint Film
      KODAK VISION Premier Color Print Film 2393
      KODAK VISION Color Print Film / 2383/3383
  Color Reversal
      EASTMAN EKTACHROME Print Film 5399 / 7399
  Black & White
      EASTMAN Fine Grain Release Positive Film 5302/7302
      Kodak Black-and-White Print Film 2302
  Black & White Reversal
      EASTMAN Reversal BW Print Film 7361

VISION2 500T 5218 / 7218
Updated 12/6/04
KODAK VISION2 500T 5218 / 7218
Lens: 32 mm ZEISS Ultra Prime Lens
Filter: None
Aperture: T 2.8
Incident Light Levels
(Tungsten 2950K):
   Key = T 2.8 (20 fc)
   Fill = T 1.3 (4 fc)
   Backlight = T 5.0 (64 fc)
Stop notations listed on the photo are reflected-light readings.
Note: There is a small amount of atmospheric smoke in the scene.
The next generation of film is here.
After a century of R&D, we're still innovating. KODAK VISION2 500T Color Negative Film 5218 / 7218 is the start of a new family of films for a new era of filmmaking. An era that demands perfection, but with more efficiency from capture to post. With proprietary new technology for superior image structure; more highlight and shadow detail; improved color and skintone reproduction; clean telecine transfers; and seamless special effects. KODAK VISION2 Film products offer the lowest grain available for clean, crisp images; improved neutral tone scale; and more flexibility in both film and digital postproduction. Yes, it takes film to a whole new level. And after all these years, this is just the beginning.

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