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Trivia & Pop Culture Giancarlo Carnevali 123 Kb 06/12/2004

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By compiler:

Trivia & Pop Culture
12 june 2004, Giancarlo Carnevali

Trivia & Pop Culture
Database content (in some cases, compressed to get a general view)

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US Presidents
--- US Presidents ---
Presidents in order 
1) George Washington~John Adams (1789-1797)
2) John Adams~Thomas Jefferson *P (1797-1801)
3) Thomas Jefferson~Aaron Burr, George Clinton (1801-1809)
4) James Madison~George Clinton, Elbridge Gerry (1809-1817)
5) James Monroe ~Daniel D Tompkins (1817-1825)
6) John Quincy Adams~John C Calhoun (1825-1829)
7) Andrew Jackson~John C Calhoun +, Martin Van Buren (1829-1837)
8) Martin Van Buren~Richard M Johnson *S (1837-1841)
9) William Henry Harrison~John Tyler (1841-1841)
10) John Tyler~None  (1841-1845)
11) James Polk~George M Dallas  (1845-1849)
12) Zachary Taylor~Millard Fillmore  (1849-1850)
13) Millard Fillmore~None  (1850-1853)
14) Franklin Pierce~William R King  (1853-1857)
15) James Buchanan~John C Breckinridge  (1857-1861)
16) Abraham Lincoln~Hannibal Hamlin, Andrew Johnson *P  (1861-1865)
17) Andrew Johnson~None  (1865-1869)
18) Ulysses Simpson Grant**~Schuyler Colfax, Henry Wilson  (1869-1877)
19) Rutherford Birchard Hayes~ William A Wheeler  (1877-1881)
20) James Abram Garfield~Chester A Arthur  (1881-1881)
21) Chester Alan Arthur~None  (1881-1885)
22) Stephen Grover Cleveland~Thomas Hendricks  (1885-1889)
23) Benjamin Harrison~Levi P Morton  (1889-1893)
24) Grover Cleveland~Adlai E Stevenson  (1893-1897)
25) William McKinley~Garret A Hobart, Theodore Roosevelt   (1897-1901)
26) Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt~Charles W Fairbanks  (1901-1909)
27) William Howard Taft~James S Sherman  (1909-1913)
28) Thomas Woodrow Wilson~Thomas R Marshall  (1913-1921)
29) Warren Gamaliel Harding~Calvin Coolidge  (1921-1923)
30) John Calvin Coolidge~Charles G Dawes  (1923-1929)
31) Herbert Clark Hoover~Charles Curtis  (1929-1933)
32) Franklin Delano Roosevelt~John N Garner, Henry A Wallace, Harry S Truman   (1933-1945)
33) Harry S Truman***~Alben W Barkley  (1945-1953)
34) Dwight David Eisenhower~Richard M Nixon  (1953-1961)
35) John (Jack) Fitzgerald Kennedy~Lyndon B Johnson  (1961-1963)
36) Lyndon Baines Johnson~Hubert Humphrey  (1963-1969)
37) Richard Milhous Nixon*R~Spiro T Agnew, Gerald Ford %  (1969-1974)
38) Gerald Rudolph Ford~Nelson Rockefeller %  (1974-1977)
39) James (Jimmy) Earl Carter~Walter Mondale  (1977-1981)
40) Ronald Wilson Reagan~George Bush  (1981-1989)
41) George Herbert Walker Bush~Dan Quayle  (1989-1993)
42) William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton~Al Gore  (1993-2001)
43) George Walker Bush~Dick Cheney  (2001-????)
** He was baptised Hiram Ulysses Grant 
*** The S stood for nothing 
*P President, Vice President were different parties. 
*S Elected by the Senate 
*R Resigned 
% Appointed under the XXVth Amendment 

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