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The Big Green Egg Cookbook Cevan Twilley 362 Kb 06/18/2003

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By compiler:

The Big Green Egg Cookbook
18 june 2003, Cevan Twilley

The Big Green Egg Cookbook
Database content (in some cases, compressed to get a general view)

 Haywyres' Cook Book
      Big Green Egg Recipes
      Tims Spare Ribs on Place Setter
  Filet Mignon
      Filet Mignon
      Dad's Delicious Big Green Burgers
      Pepper Encrusted Burgers
      Scott's Infamous Mustard Rubbed Steak
      Scott's Skillet Mustard Rubbed Steak
      Eggtoberfest 99 Tri-Tip
      Tex-Mex Tri-tip
      Mexican Meatloaf
      Atomic Buffalo Turds
      Veal Chops
  Lamb and Game
  Balmy Rosemary's Lamb Loin Chops
  Balsamic/Garlic/Rosemary Lamb
      Jerked Pork Chops
      Spiced-Orange Pork Chops
  Loin and Tender Loin
      Mr. Toad's Pork Loin
      Grilled Pork Tender Loin
      Santa Fe Cured Pork Loin
  RIBS - SPARES and LOIN BACK(Baby Backs)
      Baby back ribs
      JSlot's Ribs Technique
      JJ's Direct Method For Pork Spareribs
      Brant's Boston Butt
      North Carolina Style Pulled Pork - Elder Ward
      Uncle Bill's Pulled Pork
      Smoked Salmon or Trout Fillets
      Smoked Tuna Steaks
      Mesquite Crusted Salmon
      Salmon with Dijon Bourbon Glaze
      Beer Chicken
      Brant's Brined Beer-Butt Bird
      Finger Licking Good Crispy Garlic Chicken
      Grilled Honey Dale BBQ Chicken Breasts
      Honey Mustard Chicken
      NB's Inspiration Chicken
      NB's Soy/Lemongrass Chicken
      Shrimp-Stuffed Chicken Breast
      Easy Grilled Chicken
      Hot Wings
      Okinawan Hot Wings
      Wa-Wa Wings
  Game Birds
      Parmesian Cornish Hen
      Smoked "Super Buzzard" Turkey!
      Butterflied turkey with mushroom stuffing
  Sauces, Marinades, & Rubs
  SAUCES - Dipping, Finishing, & Mopping
      BB'Q' Sauce
      Jim's Jack Sauce
      JJ's Q Sauce
      Raspberry Glaze for Jerk Chicken or Pork
      Southern Dreams BBQ Sauce
      Tarragon-Mustard Sauce
      Jamaican Jerk Rub
      JJ's Rub
      Mike's Dad's Salad Dressing / Marinade
      Asparagus Bombs
      Portobello Burgers
      Grilled Caesar Spud Salad
      Julie's Taters
      Grilled Tomatoes
      Smoked Tomatoes
      Scarborough Fair Stir-Fry (or Sausage, Squash, Rosmary & Thyme)
  Sides and Such
      BBQ Beans
      EGG Beans
      Bean Bake
      Black Bean salad
      Lexington BBQ Slaw
      Mary Lee's, "I Fought the Slaw and The Slaw Won"
      Yankee Coleslaw
      Grilled Grits
      JalepeŠo Corn Casserole
      Hush Puppies
      Smoked Tomato Basmati Rice
      Kaye's Stuffed Tomatoes
      Vidalia Onion Dip
      Vidalia Onion Pie
      Pumpkin Crisp
      Newy York Style
  New York Style Pizza Sauce
  New York Style Pizza Dough
  New York Style Pizza Assy
      Whole Wheat Pizza Dough
      Garlic Bread
      Oat Bran Beer Bread
      Pita Bread

Asparagus Bombs
Asparagus Bombs 
Submitted by: John Weber / Chicago
From: Original 
Steamed Asparagus with an explosion of flavor. 

lg. bunches fresh Asparagus 
lg. red onion , sliced 
whole lemons, sliced 
whole limes, sliced 
sliced fresh garlic cloves 
small bag (ѕ) cup of cajun spice powder 
healthy dose fresh cracked pepper 
generous sprinkling of garlic salt 
stick butter - cut into fourths 
red sweet pepper - sliced into long strips 

Preparation Directions:
 First, spread out a large sheet of aluminum foil aprox. 24 x 16 on your working area. Place all the cleaned and stemmed asparagus on the foil and add all ingredients evenly to asparagus until well covered. Now, splash some red wine (cabernet) on the top of your bomb and wish it well. Take both sides of your foil and bring them together above the asparagus and fold over until you reach the top layer of your asparagus. Fold over the ends of the bomb so as to create a well-sealed bomb. 

Cooking Directions:
 Place your bomb on a smoker grill at 300 degrees for 15 - 20 minutes. Allow your bomb to steam; away from any open flames. Asparagus should be firm and crunchy to ensure proper presentation. 

Special Instructions:
 Try to avoid soft, mushy asparagus or your bomb will not explode. 

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