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Database Author Size Date Download
Windows Tips Data Base Albert Miller 751 Kb 01/17/2005

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By compiler:

This compilation of Tips is from my own database that I have been collecting from various resources on the web for several years. I am the author of none of these tips, Some of these tips I have used, others I find interesting but have not used.
I have however compiled them into the WinOrganizer/GoldenSection Notes format, for the ease of use and explorer type interface that makes it very fast and easy to find what you're looking for.
01/17/2005, Albert Miller

Windows Tips Data Base
Database content (in some cases, compressed to get a general view)

 Windows Tips Data Base
      Windows Data Base
  Windows Tips
  Tips Readme
  My Favorite Freeware
  General Precautions
  Preventing Trouble with Windows
  Your Own Windows Knowledge Base
  Restoring System Files
  Troubleshooting Wizards:
  MS Knowledge Base
  DUN & Modem
  56K Modem tip
  Faster Dialing
  Modem Disconnect
  Optimizing Modem
  Password box gray
  Speedier Connection
  Speedup DUN
  Stay Connected
  General Tips
  Add Print Directory to Explorer
  Boot Log
  CD-ROM Does Not Run
  Clean Win98 Install
  Changing File Associations
  Change MS Office Registration
  Character Map
  Close Programs
  Compatibility Mode Problems
  Compatibility Mode Issues
  Configure Protected Mode
  Control Double Buffering
  Control Panel to Start Menu
  Copy the Windows Folder
  Customize Scanreg
  Desktop Shortcut:
  Desktop Shortcut 2
  Emergency Recovery
  Extract from .CAB Files
  File Extensions
  File Naming
  File Re-Associations
  File Rename
  Force Unknown File Types To Open In WordPad
  Force Windows to Unload DLL's
  GFP Dibeng.dll
  Hard Drive Failure
  Hardware Info
  Hosts File Ad Blocking
  Hosts File Ad Block 2
  Hosts File Ad Block 3
  Disable Startup Menu
  Icon Rebuild
  Installation Files
  Instant Toolbar
  Items in Explorer Sorted Incorrectly
  Kill Clippy
  KERNEL32.DLL Errors
  Live Scrolling
  Lock Desktop Icons
  Make the Columns Fit
  Media Player Nag
  Miracle Cure
  Memory Management
  Move Hard Drive
  Mouse & Keyboard
  MS Keyboard
  Multimedia Tips
  Order the Menu
  No Ads
  Open With
  Oust the Update Folder
  Quick Launch
  Remove Click Here to Begin
  Remove Favorites
  Remove Documents
  Remove Sys Folders
  Remove Task Scheduler
  Resize Windows
  Restore Show Desktop Shortcut
  Select Text Quickly
  Saving File Searches
  Speed Up Windows
  Swap File
  System.ini Tweaks
  System File Checker
  Taskbar Not Visible
  Tracking Device
  Uncheck Open With
  Upgrade Check
  View Thumbnails
  Win2k smart menu
  Win95's Secret Icons
  Win98 USB Errors
  Windows 98 Startup Disk
  Win98 product key
  Windows Update
  Internet Explorer
  Address Bar Shortcut
  Automatically Clearing the Temporary Internet Files
  Backward or Forward with the Wheel Mouse
  Branded IE& OE Title Bars
  Branded Title Bar
  Browsing Speedup
  Change IE Search Engine
  Customize IE
  Home Page Hijacked ?
  Internet Explorer Classic Search
  IE 4/5 Cache Folders
  IE 5 Cookies
  Internet Explorer Logo
  IE Search Engine
  IE-6 SlowDown
  Launch Apps in Browser
  Outlook Express Ads
  Outlook Express Backgrounds
  Outlook Express Splash
  Outlook Express not listed in IE options as email client
  Stop Viruses
  CAT 5 Patch Cable
  DHCP Fix
  Hidden Folders
  Master Browser
  Multi-Protocol Routing
  Private Network IP
  TCP/IP Checklist
  Registry Tips
  Typical Reg Layout
  A Simpler Backup
  Backing up & Restoring the Registry
  Cleanup Scanreg Files
  Compacting Windows Registry
  Keeping your Registry clean with RegClean
  Manual Restore
  Optimizing the Registry
  Registry Checker
  Registry Restoration
  Scanreg /Fix
  Unload Win98 DLL's
  Shut Down
  Disable Fast Shutdown
  Dumping Compressed Drivers
  Forced Exit
  Log Off Prompt
  Remove Log Off
  Shortcut to Reboot
  Shutdown Problems
  Task Time Out
  Win98 Hangs
  Disable The Password Dialog Box
  Fixes for Windows Startup Problems
  Forgotten Password
  One Click Restart
  Restart Windows
  Scandisk on Boot
  Slow Startups
  Startup Problems
  Win W/O a Password
  WinXP W/O Password
  Fixes for Windows Startup Problems
  Windows NT
      Boot Delay
      Boot NT w/ Default VGA drivers
      Boot NT in Safe Mode
      Change Windows NT Install Source Path
      Control Panel to Make OS Selections
      Dual Boot
      Files Required to Boot Windows NT
      NT Boot Errors
      WinNT boot problems
      Administrator Account
      Alphanumeric Password
      Disable Change Password
      Disabled Password Caching
      Minimum Password Length
      Secure Network Access
  Add plug and play to NT
  Delay Unlocking Workstation
  NT 4.0 Disaster Recovery
  NT Kill Hung Process
  View HotFix Patches Installed
  View Resources
  Windows XP
  Add\Remove XP Features
  Balloon Tips
  Boot Disk
  Boot Sector
  Browsing Speedup
  CD Auto Play
  Cleaning the Prefetch Directory
  Close Multiple Windows
  Compatiblity Mode
  Configuring Explorer in XP
  Configuring the Desktop in XP
  Copy/Move/Send to
  Defragment Boot Files
  Device Driver Rollback
  Disable Ballon Tips
  Disable Error Reporting
  Disable Search Assistant
  Disable Startup Programs
  Disable Virtual Memory
  Disable XP Default CD Burning
  Downloads #
  Explorer Opening Folder
  Fast System Settings
  Free System Resources
  Folders lose their view settings
  IDE to DMA
  Remove icon boarder shadows on the desktop
  Icon Stash
  Increasing System Performance
  Image Toolbar
  Kill Description Popups
  Last Known Good Configuration
  Mouse Quit
  Move XP
  NTFS Performance
  NTFS vs FAT32
  Optimize XP
  Opening Windows Explorer
  Opening Windows Explorer (2)
  Performance Increase
  Remove Shared Doc Folders
  Remove Windows Messenger
  Rename Multiple Files
  Repair Installation
  Repair Windows XP
  Restoring Access to CD ROMs
  Restore Points
  Restore Protected Files
  Restore to a previous state
  Rollback a Device Driver
  Run Shortcut
      Disable Save Settings @ Exit
      Improper Shutdown
      Kill Unresponsive Apps @ Shutdown
      Power Off @ Shutdown
      Shutdown Event Tracker
      ShortCut to Shutdown
      Shutdown Restart
      Shutdown Time
      Slow Shutdown
      Timeout Non Responding Apps
      XP Hangs @ Saving your Settings
      XP Hangs @ Shutdown
  Select "Open With" Programs
  Send To Notepad
  Services, Do You Need ?
  Services Explaned
  Skip the Welcome Screen
  Speedier Searches
  Speedup Network Browsing
  Speed XP Start Menu
  Stop Indexing
  Swap File?
  System File Check
  Sound Recorder
  System Restore
  System Restore @ Command Prompt
  System Restore Settings
  Taskbar Grouping
  Transparent Icons
  Tweaking FAQ
  Undeletable File ??
  Unload DLL's
  Unsigned Drivers
  View Settings
  Welcome Screen
  XP CD Path
  XP Firewall
  XP Missing or Corrupt Files
  Device Manager
  Change a Devices Resources
  Device Mgr
  Networking Information
  OSI 7 Layer Model
  Network Protocols
  Network Teminology


This tip works on ALL Windows 95/98/ME and NT4/2000 systems with MS Internet Explorer 4/5/6 installed.
This Registry tip speeds up internet/remote (using Windows Explorer and/or Internet Explorer) browsing process considerably on most MS Windows 32-bit machines connected to a network and/or remote computer(s).
This actually fixes a BUG in MS Windows OSes that scan shared (remote) folders/files across the network for Scheduled Tasks, and can add a delay as long as 30 seconds (!), because it uses extra time to search the remote computer(s). :(
To do this, open Regedit (Win95/98/ME) or Regedt32 (WinNT4/2000) and go to:

Highlight this value:


and delete it: right-click on it -> select Delete -> click OK.

RECOMMENDED: Export (BACKUP) this Registry key to a REG file FIRST, to be able to restore it (by running the REG file) if necessary. In Regedit: highlight the key name in the left hand pane -> click "Registry" from the menu -> select "Export Registry File..." -> type a file name in the "File name" field -> browse to the destination of your choice -> push the Save button.

This Registry change takes effect immediately.
Just start MS IE while connected to the network/internet to see the difference.

NOTE: Upgrading to a newer MS Internet Explorer release may add this key to your Registry during Setup, therefore you may need to delete it again after installing MS IE.

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