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GSNotes GSNotes
Version 4.4

Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
Price: $35
Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovenian, Greek, Bulgarian, Czech, Italian, Catalan, Portuguese, Portuguese-BR, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Byelorussian, Swedish, Polish, Slovak, Lithuanian, Korean, Serbian, Danish, Turkish, Dutch, Latvian, Croatian, Finnish, Norwegian, Arabic

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GoldenSection Notes is a compact and easy-to-use notebook designed for storing various textual and graphical information in a serviceable and clear tree-structured form.

By means of WordPad-like rich-text tools, you can perform main text-formatting functions: changing font size and style, highlighting, underlining, using italics, bold typing, margins, marked lists, etc. Created documents can be moved to any other section of the program. The data can be password protected to limit the access to your personal information.

GoldenSection Notes box shot

GoldenSection Notes is ideal for storing practically any kind of information - notes, recipes, quotes, Web locations, pictures and even entire Web-pages. Now you don't have to create a number of text files scattered on the hard disk and rummage in them for hours while searching for some necessary notes. It takes you no more than a second to get to your info and notes with this comprehensible and easily adjustable Windows Explorer-like interface of the program. The program enables you to use search and print functions; it can be also be integrated with your favorite e-mail program and Web-browser.

For your comfort, we made it possible to launch the program minimized to system tray (right by the Windows system clock).

Compact executable file, quick search and user-friendly interface help you to manage your personal data at lightning speed.

GoldenSection Notes awards

GoldenSection Notes gets a lot of awards and high ratings. It's been described in magazine articles, reviewed in online editions, shown on TV. We are glad to present you all our awards.

GoldenSection Notes awards Most of file download archives provide rating for stored programs. GoldenSection Notes received a lot of top awards at these archives and other online-directories. To name a few: "Editor's Pick", "Best program", etc.
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GoldenSection Notes in press, on TV, in online editions Mass media sources have been repeatedly publishing reviews on GoldenSection Notes. The product has appeared on TV and has been described in periodical online-magazines, homepages and weblogs.
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Besides, our users also shared with us their impression and comments on GSNotes with us, which we are glad to post on our site.

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