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What users are saying

This page contains various testimonies that we receive from our customers quite often. We will really appreciate it if you spend some time evaluating our products and services - this well help us implement the best possible solutions that can serve all your needs. It would be very helpful if you could take a minute to tell us what you think about our products and our services. Thank you very much for cooperation.

I have looked at a lot of PIMs and have found WinOrganizer to be by far the best overall: full-featured, easy-to-use, and stylish. Highly recommended.

Great Product. Before I have decided to buy it I tried many Programs with the same base function. First, I did not find a program with all function in ONE. Second, I do not know any programs in this scope with a quality level so HIGH and such a mind investment. My Congratulations!

I would like to congratulate you on your excellent WinOrganizer software. It is both a powerful and friendly tool for handling any kind of information. I have just registered it and I consider WinOrganizer simply "the best software" for organizing and linking texts and pictures very fast, differently from other gigantic software tools that organize data slowly and in a very cumbersome way. Thank you for developing such a nice piece of software.
Prof. Mario Ary Pires Neto, MD, PhD. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

I have just downloaded GS Organizer and I am very, very impressed with it. Very clean. Still evaluating, but this is useful software. It is a very strong paradigm on which to build a uniquely valuable tool. Thank you for allowing me to test it. I really like it.
John Cantrell, John F. Cantrell, Inc.

I have really appreciated your software and especially the exceptional ergonomics.
Fabrice Viale

I've just registered GSOrganizer - great product! I've been looking for something that would handle tasks AND notes in a flexible way for a long time...
Fredrik Nordbakke, FNProgramvare

It's an infectiously charming and useful little bugger

I am currently evaluating GoldenSection Organizer and am impressed with its features and interface.
Seth Hawthorne

Your Organizer looks very close to what I've been searching for.
Rob Maldavir

Yours program is really great! It's really piece of good work!

A few days ago I registered a copy of Golden Section Organizer, and am very pleased that I did. I will find lots of ways to use your very well-designed program. I am very glad that I discovered Golden Section Organizer. It will be a great help in my everyday work.
Alan Steel

Congratulations for a really great program. My search for PIM stops here!

This is an absolutely indispensable product, and I'm very impressed with the smart GUI design, and your technical expertise to make this only about 800 kb, not like others which is multi megabyte :-) I was actually also a programmer too, so I know, which one is high quality and which one is not.
Btw, keep this great job. You'll never know, how much does this tool help me, even when in trial period (I use it in 2 weeks), and... Please don't get trapped into bloated software :-)

I really like the way your program organizes things and lets me do it my way.
D Bach

I saw and tested your PIM and it looks attractive for me. From my point of view, it has an intuitive, simply and aesthetic design.
Juraj Capiak

The overall look and feel of your application is very good!... Congratulations for the modern design...
Antonio Salles

Recently I've downloaded the GS Organizer software. It is very nice, versatile, and attractive.
Pastor Michael Dennis

Just I downloaded your excellent utility, and I decided to use to store my data. I'm very surprised about all the features of the program, particularly the RTF formatting; because it's possible to paste a web page from IE keeping the page and characters style.
Jean-Claude Gadre

You have a great product and the best customer service I have EVER seen.
Glenn Erwin

You do have produced a great utility. My compliments to the team, which made this possible.
Soundara Rajan

This organizer is exactly what I was looking for and is much better and easy to use than usual huge and heavy organizers we find on the market.
Philippe Perisse

After a long search I think I have found the text/RFT editor in a notebook style format that has exactly the features I need. This is a very nicely designed application and an easy to use editor for nearly any project. The design team should be congratulated on the elegant simplicity of this product!
Frank D. Morrow

What an Absolutely GREAT Application, I can just about kiss Windows "My Documents" goodbye!
Al Miller

I like GS Organizer very much, and it's the best PIM I ever saw, and I tried several, you can bet. Now I'm using it for long time and I'm very satisfied
Karl Loncarek

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