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WinOrganizer WinOrganizer
Our Awards

Most of file download archives provide rating for stored programs. WinOrganizer received a lot of top awards at these archives and other online-directories. To name a few: "Editor's Pick", "Best program", etc.

WinOrganizer is a new version of the well-known and praiseworthy GoldenSection Organizer

WinOrganizer received maximum "5 cows" on TUCOWS!

"We made a decision to add your program to our software archive with a 5 cow rating. This places your product into the top group of home-and-office business programs".

TUCOWS: 5 cows

WinOrganizer received the highest rating of 5 stars at one of the well-known software archives -!


That's what the editor writes:
This 21st-century version of a paper notebook lets you easily manage virtually any kind of everyday information. The two-pane interface even looks like a spiral notebook, and the inclusion of sample entries helps dramatically reduce the learning curve. We also appreciate that most actions can be performed via a simple right click. Notes, contacts, events, and tasks are organized in a tree-like structure so you can, for example, attach a note about a new movie and a reminder to the name of the person who recommended it. A note may contain rich text, images, and links to other notes or the Web in general. The Today screen displays all events and tasks for a day, a week, or a month, although we wish you could add events directly from this screen. WinOrganizer offers numerous alarm settings and can protect secret notes with a password. All told, this program is a fine solution for managing all types of data.

5 Stars Rating at -

WinOrganizer got an "5* Editor's Pick Award" and "100% Clean Award" from Software Informer

WinOrganizer got an 5* Editor's Pick Award and 100% Clean Award from

WinOrganizer Won 5 Stars Rating at

That's what the editor writes:
I am glad to tell you that your product (WinOrganizer) was awarded 5 Stars by our editors.

5 Stars Rating at

WinOrganizer received "Editor's choice" at!

Editor's Choice -

WinOrganizer received the highest rating of 5 Stars in the "THE GREAT SOFTWARE LIST" at!

2004 Excellence Award for WinOrganizer.
Congratulations to TGS Labs on behalf of WinOrganizer!
It was named to Access Foundation's 2004 GREAT SOFTWARE LIST with a Highest Rating of 5 Stars. 'THE GREAT SOFTWARE LIST' - Highest Rating of 5 Stars

WinOrganizer received a 5 Stars rating at! 5 Stars rating

WinOrganizer received a maximum of "5 Star Awards" at!

5 Star Awards -

WinOrganizer received the highest "5 Star Rating" at!

5 Star Rating -

WinOrganizer received 5 Gold Awards at!

Softforall: 5 золотых наград!

WinOrganizer received the "5 of 5 points" rating at! 5 of 5 points

WinOrganizer received a 5 stars rating at! 5 stars rating

WinOrganizer received 5 stars at! 5 Stars

WinOrganizer is given a rating of 5 of 5 at! Рейтинг 5 из 5

WinOrganizer is one of three winners of the "Isidor Awards 2003" contest in the "Business and Productivity" section"

Isidor Awards!

The well-known software archive awarded WinOrganizer with the "Most popular" rating Most popular

WinOrganizer received "Smart Award" at Smartdownloads!

That's what the editor writes:
Our staff has evaluated your program and decided that it's worth being given a "Smart Award". Congratulations!
Awards granted by well-known software archives (including prove the highest quality of your products.

Smart Award at Smartdownloads!

WinOrganizer received a 5 star rating at 5 star

SoftwareSeeker awarded WinOrganizer with "Editor's Pick".

This award goes only to those programs that the author considers the best in their field of application. WinOrganizer is surely one of the best

Editor's PICK on
WinOrganizer is given "Editor's Pick" by

"Editor's Pick" goes only to the best programs stored on
BrotherSoft Review Staff give this product a Pick Award because it is easy to use, it has a professional-looking interface, it is excellent compared to other programs in this section and so on.

Editor's Pick on
WinOrganizer received maximum rating (5 out of 5) at! 5 star
WinOrganizer gets 5 stars from FileHungry!(It's the highest rating there) FileHungry: 5 star

5 stars is the highest possible rating that one can get on the well-known Romanian software archive at

WinOrganizer is one of the few programs that has been given the highest rating.

Softnews: 5 start

Softodrom, popular Russian software archive, rated WinOrganizer with 5 stars

Softodrom: 5 star
WinOrganizer received "5 crystals" from! 5 crystals
WInOrganizer received the highest rating on! editor writes: "The program gets the rating 5 of 5" 5 rating
... and the " Editor's choice" award Editor's choice award

WinOrganizer received 5 stars on! 5 stars
WinOrganizer gets the highest rating (5 stars) on! 5 stars
WinOrganizer is rated with 5 stars on! - 5 stars, one of the most popular software archives, awarded WinOrganizer with the highest possible rating of 5 stars! 5 stars

WinOrganizer gets 5 stars on GlobalShareware!

GlobalShareware editors marked our program with the highest rating of 5 stars (5 golden disks)
GlobalShareware: 5 golden disks
WinOrganizer received 5 stars from! 5 start
WinOrganizer received 5 points from! 5 points

PCWorld, one of the most popular computer magazines of the world, placed GoldenSection Organizer into (Top 5 Information Managers).

The editor:
These programs won't do your work, but will help you organize it.

PCWorld: Top 5 Information Managers

PCWorld awarded GoldenSection Organizer with "Editor's Pick"!

Quoting PCWorld editors:
Organize yourself with this PIM!

PCWorld: Editors' Pick

File Transit, a popular review site, rated WinOrganizer with 5 stars!

File Transit picks only the best software; WinOrganizer is one of a kind.

The File Transit: 5 stars, the popular file archive, rated GoldenSection Organizer with 5 stars!

5 stars - the highest award that a program can get on 5 stars!

Russian file catalog ProtoPlex gave WinOrganizer "4 stars"

The "4 stars" award places the program into the "Best program of the catalog" category. 4 stars!
GoldenSection Organizer gets 5 stars on! 5 stars

GoldenSection Organizer has been published on "Simply the best"!

"Simply the best" publishes only the best programs tested and approved by managers of the site. And GoldenSection Organizer has been published there!

Simply the Best Shareware

GoldenSection Organizer got the maximum rating (5 stars) from Super Shareware!

Super Shareware reviewers wrote:
We are glad to inform you that GoldenSection Organizer has been evaluated by our technical department and received the highest possible rating: 5 stars. As a recognition of high quality of GoldenSection Organizer and enormous work done to develop it, you are awarded the highest rating.

Super Shareware: 5 Stars!!!

GoldenSection Organizer received 5 Dudes (highest rating) at FileDudes!

Extract from FileDudes "rating manual":
Programs that get 5 Dudes are the programs that do exactly what they are designed to do. They provide advanced capabilities that other products lack. They are easy to use and have an attractive user-friendly interface. Don't waste time - download this software and try it yourself.

FileDudes: 5 Dudes
GoldenSection Organizer got a hot-rating at! Hot File!

ZDNet gave GoldenSection Organizer "ZDNet Editor's Pick and 4 stars"!

ZDNet reviewers wrote:
GoldenSection Organizer is a neat personal information manager that can help you plan and manage all your activities.

ZDNet: Editor's Pick and 4 stars awarded GoldenSection Organizer with the "Best" rating Best

Spanish gave GoldenSection Organizer the maximum rating of 5! 5 stars

GoldenSection Organizer got the highest possible rating (BEST!) on SoftList!

"We are glad to inform you that GoldenSection Organizer has received the BEST! award from SoftList software catalog ( We will definitely present your program to our users as a very useful piece of software. Thank you for the wonderful product!"

SoftList: BEST!
"Best and New Soft" awarded GoldenSection Organizer with "Gold Soft"!
"Best and New Soft" awarded GoldenSection Organizer with "Gold Soft"! The BEST!

GoldenSection Organizer on Pick of the Week and rating of 4.5! is a Korean software web-site specializing in a comprehensive software product evaluation. Every week editors pick two programs and award them with "Pick of the Week". GoldenSection Organizer has been given such honours and a rating of 4.5! Pick of the Week and rating of 4.5!

ListSOFT, the most popular Russian software shop, has awarded GoldenSection Organizer with the "ListSOFT Cool" rating!

Comments by ListSOFT:
Pretty handy, quick and compact program...

Site founder and programmer - Dmitry Turetsky:
Getting the ListSoft Cool award indicates that if I had to use a program of similar functionality, I would prefer that one...

ListSOFT: Cool well as the "ListSOFT User's choice" award!

Dmitry Turetsky:
Users can also rate programs themselves. If an average user rating is 9 or higher, the product gets the "ListSoft UserChoice" award.

ListSOFT: user's choice
GoldenSection Organizer gets 4 xings on! 4 xings
GoldenSection Organizer rated as a 5-star product on! 5 stars!
GoldenSection Organizer gets the highest rating on!
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