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WinOrganizer WinOrganizer
Press about WinOrganizer

Mass media sources have repeatedly published WinOrganizer reviews. It has appeared on TV and has been described in various periodical online-magazines, homepages and weblogs.

One's business June 2004, the "One's business" magazine #05 (22)
"Electronic secretaries"

The program interface reminds you of an ordinary daily planner. Data folders are presented in a tree-like structure that makes it easier to classify info and access any record with two mouse clicks literally. The planner makes it possible to track events related to dates that don't have a strict calendar relation (for instance, professional holidays, church dates, etc.).

WinOrganizer has also a unique distinguishing feature. It allows you to create your own databases. Examples of such reference bases created by WinOrganizer users are available for downloading on the program's website. There are over 190 databases in Russian and English.

A separate secure section of WinOrganizer is designed to store confidential information - passwords, PIN codes and even credit card numbers.

Read the full article on the "One's business" magazine website
My computer April 2004, "My computer" N 16 (291)
""Everyday Windows" by Yaroslav BUDNICHENKO

Many users who have been dealing with computers for a long time hardly notice the tremendous pile of various notes scattered helter-skelter as .txt files on HDD. Only when you try to recall where is the file with the latest Internet humor stories, you suddenly come across the phone number of your acquaintance that you've been searching for two weeks ago (I wonder, how did it get into the Games folder?), or even, if you are lucky enough, you'll find a file with passwords to forums and chats (it happened to be in the Windows folder :-)). When the same thing happened to me, I began searching for a program that could manage organizing and planning features. Having tried a certain number of such applications, I made my choice:WinOrganizer for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. It is able to do all things I need and has many other additional features to utilize.
Read the full article on the "My computer" magazine website
PC World October 2003, PC World magazine
"The Best Software You're Not Using" Christopher Null
Article: "42 ways to get out of the (Microsoft) Office and make the most of your PC, from underappreciated system enhancers and business tools to graphics and audio editors"

The article describes our product (WinOrganizer) as one of the best software products to organize personal information:
Why go through the hassle of installing Microsoft Outlook and keeping up with its peccadilloes when a simpler information manager will do? Golden Section Labs' WinOrganizer lets you store names and addresses along with anything else you want to keep handy, including wish lists, photos, to-do's, and even passwords (which you can protect with a master password). Navigating the intuitive tree structure is a snap...
Business magazine

September 2003, Business magazine #18(31) (2003)
Info-business/Business software/"Organize your life" by Sergey Barichev.

The "Business software" section editor says:
Pirate versions of Lotus Organizer helped people get acquainted with electronic organizers. The Russian product WinOrganizer gives same features for half-price. It's a full scale personal information manager designed to keep all kind of records and help people organize and plan their business affairs and personal life...

June 2003, #06 (2003)
Zarzadzanie informacja osobista (PIM): "WinOrganizer 2.4"

That's how the (Poland) chief editor describes the program:
Prosty program typu PIM. Za jego pomoca uzytkownik zaplanuje swoje spotkania, liste czynnosci do zrobienia, przechowa kontakty, poprowadzi dziennik lub tez zapisze inne wazne dla niego informacje, np. skataloguje plyty czy ksiazki. Wszystkie dane w programie przechowywane sa w bazie o strukturze drzewiastej, co zwieksza przejrzystosc, a takze pozwala segmentowac dane, np. oddzielic informacje sluzbowe od prywatnych...
PC Open A series of articles in Italian PC Open:

May 2003 , PC Open #84 (2003) "WinOrganizer"
Colorare le pagine dei dati assegnando agli sfondi sfumature personalizzate Proteggere le pagine con una password Inserire in una pagina un documento Word ...

April 2003 , PC Open #83 (2003) "WinOrganizer"
Tutte le attivita sotto controllo...

March 2003 , PC Open #82 (2003) "WinOrganizer"
Gestire note, immagini e attivita...

March, 2003, Chip #3 (2003)
"Planned life"

The editor of the "software" section writes:
Electronic organizers help you take advantage of computer's ability to keep everything in mind without losing a single date or event. I am talking about both simple alarm-based utilities and powerful applications that support both calendar planning with a sophisticated alarm system and hierarchy of tasks, events, notes, and address directories packed with hyperlinks...

January 2003, Upgrade #3 (93)
"Made in Russia - hence, made for us" (Alena Prikazchikova)

Here is what the editor of the "Software" section wrote:
I suppose this program is the best tool designed for the organization of documents, workload planning and leisure time. Program developers provided for every eventuality that you may ever think of. Not to mention that these guys live in Russia and that fact speaks for itself.

November, 2002, Upgrade #48 (86)

Alena Prikazchikova, "Software" section editor:
Some time ago I had a chance to use a certain PIM named GoldenSection Organizer. "Interacting" with this program was total fun, but then, after another periodic system crash, its installation package was irrevocably lost with a very notion of what this program was about. I can't even recall whose piece of advice was to get a "perfect PIM" - WinOrganizer - to cope with a mess in my plans and projects. I was more than amazed when I learnt that this program was a logical sequel to my old buddy, GoldenSection Organizer, this time advanced and thoroughly re-processed by the same developers of The Golden Section Labs ...

June 2002, Computerra #23 (448)
"With a sinking heart" by Sergey Golubitsky

An article by Sergey Golubitsky on the new version of GoldenSection Organizer - WinOrganizer:
It's nice and stylish, everything is functional and appropriate. No crashes or other system failures so far, so I can give a firm recommendation to all readers - get this updated PIM, undoubtedly the best shareware product of the kind...

February 2002, Chip #2/2002
"How to observe the time"

The editor of the popular Ukrainian computer-oriented magazine wrote an article about various "organizer-type software products". GoldenSection Organizer is described as "a multi-functional program that comprises features of schedule lists and address directories packed with finished databases of holidays, historical dates, etc."


November 2001, Chip #11/01
"Putting your life in order"

Review on GoldenSection Organizer:
One day every computer user finds out that he has so many little notes and scratches in different files that it is necessary to find a solution how to keep them all in order. The most excitable and nervous fail to control themselves: they format the hard disk and begin a new life from scratch. Others find a remedy in organizers. An interesting example of the latter is GoldenSection Organizer...

February, 2001, Chip #2/2001
"Here comes the organizer" by Boris Obolikshto

The popular Ukrainian magazine wrote about GoldenSection Organizer as a convenient and easy-to-use organizer.


January 2001, Xakep #25 (91)

An article in the Russian computer magazine "Xakep" is dedicated to GS Organizer, pointing out that "interacting with this program is so much fun". The author names GS Organizer "best of the best" in its kind and notices that the program is also distinguished by its "precision".

Computer Press

September 2000, Computer Press
Useful program of the month

Georgiy Felyagin, the Computer Press reviewer, chose GoldenSection Organizer as one of useful programs for the September issue of the popular Russian computer magazine.


June 2000, Computerra #22 (351)
"Golden Fleece" by Sergey Golubitsky

The very popular Russian computer magazine has reviewed TGS Labs product describing it as one of the best personal information managers (PIM). The author speaks favorably of GoldenSection Organizer recommending people to use it.

On the whole, GS Organizer comes very close to perfection: purity of classic forms, flawless interface, ascetic code and full set of functions that should be present in a professional PIM.


October 2001, TV show - "Computer world" #140
"Internet", Host - Dmitry Dovzhenko

The host of the "Computer world" show (Saint Petersburg) talks about GoldenSection Organizer:
An organizer made of sheets of paper is a very useful thing. But electronic organizer, though not that much portable, is no less a useful thing, maybe, even more than we think of it. Anyway, you can instantly find records in your phone directory and preset holiday and event reminders trigger at the right time...
Home computer

August 2003, "Home computer online"
"Organize this!" by George Filyagin

In the "By the way" section, George Filyagin selects the best personal information manager:
Not everyone has the ability to plan and use effectively his or her time. If you aren't that lucky person who's been gifted with strong organizational skills, you have to search for help. As a rule, you start with a pen and a notepad, then goes a planner, handheld computer, etc. Is it possible to entrust a desktop computer with at least a part of this chore (daily planning and control over task fulfillment)? Or, moreover, ask it to link all business with certain contact information, prompt about a forthcoming meeting, sort our article drafts. If, in addition to all that, this program can act as an alarm and calculator, get an organizer which can be a perfect partner to cope with thousands of everyday and business matters...

August 2003, Czech site -
"Konecne zorganizovaný cas? Ano, s WinOrganizerem!" by Jan Šindelár

The author writes:
Hledáte vhodný program pro ukládání poznámek, plánování casu, schuzek a úkolu? Pak zkuste WinOrganizer a nebudete litovat.
Dlouho jsem hledal šikovný software, pomocí kterého bych si mohl evidovat všechny své povinnosti, úkoly a jejich termíny, jednoduché poznámky a podobne. Proste takový jednoduchý diár a plánovací kalendár. V bežné kancelári je volba pomerne jasná, vyhrává obvykle Outlook. Já ale potreboval spíše neco menšího, levnejšího, prehledného a pritom s dostatkem funkcí. Proste neco "na doma", kde používám pro elektronickou poštu jiný program a nechci jej zbytecne narušovat "velkým Outlookem"

February 2003, (online magazine)
"Organize your life" by Andrew Kulabuhov

The author writes:
Today you can find tons of various virtual organizers. There are freeware notepads with a limited number of functions peculiar to full-scale organizers, as well as other products in which some capabilities are realized in a great way while the rest of the functionality leaves much to be desired. But there is also a thing called force of habit. Now, WinOrganizer is exactly the program that attracts you from the very first sight making you a WinOrganizer-addict...

September 2002, * (independent project)
"News" by Vlad Egorov

* is an independent project that, for the most part, provides daily news on the Web, movies, music, games, sport, science, politics, etc.
A new version of one of my favorite programs - WinOrganizer 2.0 (known before as GS Organizer) has been released. Outstanding and very handy organizer that I can't do without... A lot of things updated and added since previous version - developers have really taken their time to work thoroughly with program interface and capabilities.
Usage is strongly recommended

September 2002, (online magazine)
"Virtual organizers" by Alexander Yakutsky

The author writes:
Quite often you need a simple tool that can quickly record upcoming data and easily process it later on.
Organizers. Programs of this group considerably surpass "notepads/notebooks" in functionality but at the same time stay agile, not like cumbersome monsters of Outlook type. A striking example of such an application is GoldenSection Organizer...
Internet Zone

October 2002, Internet Zone #339
"Useful programs" by Oleg Kovalevsky

"Internet Zone" - a popular magazine specialized in software/hardware and web-development reviews.
WinOrganizer (previously known as GoldenSection Organizer) deserves straight A. Plenty of functions should not scare you even for a moment since the user-friendly Windows interface has been specifically designed for those who always forget what happens if you press, for example, F2, while the Desktop is open...
Feather river canyon news

April 2001, Review in Feather River Canyon News
"GoldenSection Notes"

If you need more than a simple note taking application try GoldenSection Organizer, their advanced version of GoldenSection notes. This PIM take off where GoldenSection Notes leaves off. GoldenSection Organizer adds a calendar that can contain important dates such as meetings, birthdays and such with alarms and reminders. It also includes an area for contacts that can be fully customized to meet your needs...

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