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This page contains various testimonies that we receive from our customers quite often. We will really appreciate it if you spend some time evaluating our products and services - this well help us implement the best possible solutions that can serve all your needs. It would be very helpful if you could take a minute to tell us what you think about our products and our services. Thank you very much for cooperation.

GoldenSection Notes is amazing. It's exactly the program I've been looking for months and I've tried a *ton* of these sorts of programs.

I have just downloaded the Free GS Notes program. I was looking for this kind of software for years. Since then I have recommended this software to many friends. It's an excellent tool to organize your notes. My personal rating: excellent.

I'm a writer so I always have loads of new ideas to put down... previously I was buried in paper scraps and tons of MS Notebook files that made a total mess on my PC. Thanks to your Golden Section Notes I can finally organize all this stuff in the way I want, so that nothing will be lost. Thank you for this wonderful product and keep up the good work!
Kira Eller

I have tried GS Notes and it is wonderful, powerful and beautiful! Thanks to made freeware with such a quality.
Nicolas Dunord

GS Notes has been used as much as my operating system since I have installed it. Thank you very much for providing me with the tool that I needed most for my computing needs.
Jerry Skinner

GS Notes is great. It's easy to use; it was exactly what I wanted. I am studying for my MCSD certification and I wanted an easy way to organize my notes. Thanks your app works perfectly.

The more I work with GS Notes, the more I consider it to be the reason I own a $3000 computer. Ridiculous? Nah, not when you consider what I do with the program. My aunt gave me the computer; she bought it, was frightened to death by it, and gave it to me. I cast aside my old 80386 junker and stepped into the world of 1.8Ghz processors and 80gig hard drives. Microsoft Word and programs that make movies. Geez! However, my terribly belated move from DOS to Windows Me (and now XP) has enabled me to run a little freeware program, GSNotes...and it has changed the very way I organize and plan and carry out my self-education, my writing, my whole life, really. I'm disabled from "real" work, but I stay busy. I can't afford GS Organizer right now, but I'll get it someday.

And: I know there are similar programs out there, for I have several of them. TreePad, NoteKeeper, Action Outline, Memoirs 2000, KeyNote (a good one, too, but it doesn't print!), and a couple more. I'd love to have GS Organizer because of the fields and link possibilities, but GS Notes takes care of me fine for now. Thanks for making it free. And it hauls butt at 1.8Ghz!

Loren Whitaker

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