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Most of file download archives provide rating for stored programs. GoldenSection Notes received a lot of top awards at these archives and other online-directories. To name a few: "Editor's Pick", "Best program", etc.

GoldenSection Notes received "5 cows" at TUCOWS!

"We made a decision to add your program to our software archive with a 5 cow rating. In our opinion, this places your product into the top group of home-and-office business programs".

TUCOWS: 5 cows

GoldenSection Notes received the maximum rating ("5 Star Awards") at!

5 Star Awards -

GoldenSection Notes received the maximum 5 Star Rating at!

5 Star Rating -

GoldenSection Notes received the "5 of 5 points" rating at! 5 of 5 points

GoldenSection Notes received a 5 stars rating at! 5 stars rating

GoldenSection Notes received 5 starts at! 5 Stars

GoldenSection Notes received a 4 Stars rating at! 4 Stars rating

GoldenSection Notes received "Smart Award" at Smartdownloads!

That's what the editor writes:
Our staff has evaluated your program and decided that it's worth being given a "Smart Award". Congratulations!
Awards granted by well-known software archives (including prove the highest quality of your products.

Smart Award at Smartdownloads!

The well-known software archive awarded GoldenSection Notes with the "Most popular" rating Most popular

GoldenSection Notes received "5 stars" at! 5 stars!

GoldenSection Notes received "5 golden awards" at!

Softforall: 5 golden awards!

ZDNet gave GoldenSection Notes the "ZDNet Editor's Pick and 5 stars" award!

Quoting ZDNet's reviewer:
GoldenSection Notes is a first-rate note-keeping program kept in the system tray right by the system clock.

ZDNet Editors' Pick and 5 Stars Rating

GoldenSection Notes has been published on Lockergnome!

One must be very lucky to get into the LockerGnome mailing list. Reviews of a limited number of programs that happened to awake interest of the mailing list's author are then sent to thousands of subscribers.

GoldenSection Notes has been published on Lockergnome!
GoldenSection Notes gets the top "5 star" rating at the well-known file archive! 5 star
GoldenSection Notes is rated as a 5-star product on! 5-star, one of the most popular software archives, awarded GoldenSection Notes with the highest possible rating of 5 stars! 5 stars

Spanish awarded GoldenSection Notes with "Recommended by"!

Recommended by

GoldenSection Notes has been given 5 stars on GlobalShareware!

GlobalShareware editors marked our program with the highest rating of 5 stars (5 golden disks)
GlobalShareware: 5 golden disks
GoldenSection NotesÓis given "Editor's Pick" by

"Editor's Pick" goes only to the best programs stored on
BrotherSoftÓReview Staff give this product a Pick Award because it is easy to use, it has a professional-looking interface, it is excellent compared to other programs in this section and so on.

Editor's Pick on
GoldenSection Notes gets the highest rating (5Óout ofÓ5)Óon! 5 stars
GoldenSection Notes received the "5 crystals" award from! 5 crystals
The popular review service, File Transit, rated GoldenSection Notes with 5 stars!

Congratulations! Your program received 5 stars.

The File Transit: 5 star
GoldenSection Notes has been given 4.5 stars at FileHungry! FileHungry: 4.5 stars

GoldenSection Notes received the top rating at! rating 5! gave GoldenSection Notes the "Best!" award.

The "Best!" award goes only to those applications that are characterized by flawless operation and provide all of the required functions/capabilities... BEST!

ProtoPlex, Russian multi-portal, rated GoldenSection Notes with "5 stars".

"5 stars" indicates that this program belongs to the "Best program of the catalog" category 5 star

The popular Russian file archive, Softodrom, gave GoldenSection Notes 4.5 stars

Softodrom: 4.5 stars awarded GoldenSection Notes with the maximum rating of 6 stars! 6 stars!

GoldenSection Notes received 4 stars from! 4 stars! file archive rated GoldenSection Notes with 4 stars! 4 stars!

GoldenSection Notes rated as GOOD and received 5 ducks at! 5 ducks!, the popular file download archive, rated GoldenSection Notes with 4.5 stars! 4,5 stars!
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