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Mass media sources have been repeatedly publishing reviews on GoldenSection Notes. The product has appeared on TV and has been described in periodical online-magazines, homepages and weblogs.

June 2003 , #06 (2003)
Zarzadzanie informacja osobista (PIM): "GoldenSection Notes 2.4"

That's how the (Poland) chief editor describes the program:
Elektroniczny notatnik, przechowujacy informacje w strukturze drzewiastej. Kazdy nowy rozdzial to kolejna galaz w drzewku, ktļra z kolei moze miec dowolna liczbe wlasnych galezi. Notatka, ktļra znajduje sie na koncu tejze struktury, moze zawierac nie tylko tekst, ale takze grafike czy odsylacz do strony internetowej...

January 2003, Upgrade #3 (93)
"Made in Russia - hence, made for us" by Alena Prikazchikova

Here is how the editor of "Software" section describes a new version of GSNotes:
This program is a powerful notebook designed to keep various data. It has been redesigned and thoroughly enhanced. In particular, a global search on all documents has been introduced along with data password-protection and cross-document links.

September 2002 , PCWorld.CZ
"Golden Selection Notes - Dejte rŮd sv§m poznŮmkŮm"

Czech magazine has published an article on GSNotes:
VżtŮm vŮs u dalŕżho dżlu naŕeho pravidelnýho seriŮlu Rychlokurz, kde pro vŮs vybżrŮm jen to nejlepŕż z programu s nejlepŕżm pomerem cena/v§kon.

Dnes se podżvŮme na program Golden Selection Notes. Ti z vŮs, co jsou anglicky nadŮni, vedż, ře slovżcko notes znamenŮ poznŮmky. Vyzkouŕel jsem nekolik variant, jak si uklŮdat ruzný poznŮmky a informace, od řlut§ch lepżcżch papżrku ař k programum, který vŮm ony řlutý papżrky virtuŮlne lepż na vaŕi pracovnż plochu. At tak nebo tak, nakonec jsem skoncil zavalen papżrky, at uř skutecn§mi, nebo temi virtuŮlnżmi. Rekl jsem si, dost! Potrebuji neco, co m§m poznŮmkŮm dodŮ rŮd

October 2002, TechTV
"Keep all your projects, errands, and thoughts straight with today's free file" By Craig Higdon

TechTV channel, "Call for help" show:
GoldenSection Notes (aka GS Notes) is a handy way to organize your thoughts, your pictures, or just about anything. With GS Notes, you can take and arrange notes in a standard directory-tree format, make folders, and insert notes that contain images, text, and links to files or websites...
Online editions

May 2006,
"GoldenSection Notes 3.0 Handy & Nifty"

They need place for writing their notes, and they want to write them on a computer (it's the XXI Century, right?). They don't like huge and strict organizer software for businessmen. They want simple, handy and colorful software: just write stylish text notes with pictures and store them somehow. They use GoldenSection Notes....

June 2003, Compulenta (online edition)
Various software: "The notes we take" by Dmitriy Murashev

The editor of the "Various software" section writes:
A monitor decorated with Post-it stick notes just as a New Year tree is one of the most common ways of keeping records in offices. Sometimes I even wonder what the man needs computers for, if he uses 30% of their power, recording the lion's share of information on scratch paper...
In the context of anti-conservatism and software ignorance, I'd like to draw your attention to a very worthy Russian software product

January 2003, (online magazine)
"Wisdom stored in the notebook" by Andrey Kulabuhov

The author writes:
Let's say, you want to find a certain quotation to place it as an epigraph to your term paper. First thinking suggests searching in theŗinfinite depth of the Web.
But there are other ways of retrieving a list of popular sayings or catch-words, "all-in-one". For instance, you can use a neat program called GoldenSection Notes. The thing about it is that the corresponding developers' site holds many files created in GS Notes format - you can find quotation and aphorism selections, for example, Famous Sayings, Aphorisms, well-known Murphy's Laws and even Latin proverbs and popular expressions

December 2002, (online magazine)
"Neat notes" editor describes the new version of GSNotes:
Everlasting striving of a man to organize his own activities forces program developers to continue presenting new software that can help organize a workplace. One of the praiseworthy representatives of this kind is GoldenSection Notes...


December 2000, Lockergnome
"Store and organize data" Chris Pirillo

Did I mention that I was part monkey? Okay, I'm not really part monkey, but I do love trees. I'm talking about those handy, tree-structured forms: where you click on a folder and its contents are exposed (gasp!) right there for your viewing pleasure? Why, if I were a cybermonkey, I'd shimmy up and down those tree views all the live long day. And that's the idea behind this digital storage bin; keep any bit of information (including Web pages) at your fingertips. Text files are easy to use, but even easier to lose. Never worry about misplacing another chili recipe again. They don't grow on trees, ya know. Actually, I'm pretty good when it comes to dealing with real trees... at least going down...

Feather river canyon news

April 2001, Review in Feather River Canyon News
"GoldenSection Notes"

How often do you reach for a notepad while working on the computer? I imagine that there aren't ten computers in the country without a notepad and pen or pencil located within theŗreach ofŗan operator. There are just too many times,ŗwhen it is handy to take a note or two- a phone number, an address, or any other of dozens of things that need to be memorized on your paper memory. Or the phone rings and you need to jot down a phone number or other information while you are at the computer. It happens all the time...

Buzzy's Stall Wall

Review on Buzzy's Stall Wall
"GoldenSection Notes by TGSLabs"

Buzzy's Stall Wall only posts reviews on best Windows programs available at the time.
GoldenSection Notes allows you to organize notes, lists, information in a folder tree format. It has a great interface and lots of nice features too!!! ...

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