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October 9, 2002

For Immediate Release

What? You said you have not heard about GSNotes? Everybody on the Internet is talking about it. GSNotes is an absolutely free user-friendly e-notebook that organizes you notes in a folder tree format for your convenience. The program has received dozens of awards and supports over 20 languages. In addition to keeping and organizing notes, GSNotes can perform any word processing tasks and possesses all necessary features, such as changing font size and style, highlighting, underlining, using italics, bold typing, margins, etc. You can also print out any documents you've developed/stored with this program.

The first thing you will love about GSNotes is the interface. Its simple design allows you to easily navigate among the documents and perform all necessary tasks painlessly. But if you think that straightforward and business-like approach means ugly, you are wrong. We've made sure to include an "eye candy" for you - the interface resembles a small workbook, complete with the "double rings" of a daybook at the junction. This nice touch has won approval of thousands of loyal GSNotes users. This software is also fully customizable, which means it will adjust according to your demanding needs.

The software comes complete with a nice selection of help files to get answers for any of your questions. GSNotes' Help features clear, concise, and simple explanations that include pictures of the toolbars, windows, and other components of the program. GSNotes can contain an unlimited number of project files and enclosed documents; it minimizes to system tray and minimizes on close, features customized toolbars and message dialogs, user-defined fonts and documents background, and most importantly it can auto save settings and form position. A nice addition to this program is the insert menu, which allows you to insert various images (supports .gif, .bmp, .ico, .emf, .wmf formats) or the date/time, as well as links to files. And it has URL auto detecting too!

The applications for this software are truly unlimited. It is perfect for keeping addresses, phone numbers, or financial records. It may even become your default word processor, or a recipe book. You can use it to keep track of your coin, DVD/CD, rare book collection. So, download this software now and make sure to stop by at for other great software and program updates from TGS Labs.

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