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Printing documents

HTML-printing is used for printing reports.
To print a document, do the following: in the main window, select the Print... item in the File menu, or click the toolbar button.
To preview a report before actual printing, you must: in the main window, select the Print Preview... item in the File menu, or click the toolbar button.

The Report options dialog box appears.

Example of the Report options dialog box for printing Notes:

Use this dialog box to choose what to print:
  • Document(s): - dropdown list that is used to select a document type for printing
  • Document tree
  • Selected text
Note: The Selected text option is active when there is a piece of selected text in comments.

Printing a document

Printing a document means printing a document of a certain type: Notes.
For example, if you choose the Notes item, the following control elements become available:
  • Dropdown list that helps you choose what documents and records to print:
    - Current document,
    - Current document and all child documents,
    - Child documents of this type,
    - All documents of this type,
    - Current record.
  • The Use background color option - a background color is applied to each printed record.
  • The Print note text option: if this option is selected, each record is printed with its comments.

The Report file field indicates the name of the created html file.
Note: An html file, ready to be posted in the Internet, is created at printing.

Clicking the Ok button launches the process of printing a report file (it is indicated in the Print progress bar).

If the Report options dialog box was called up by clicking the Print... button, then the printing process will continue on a printer when the value of the Print progress bar reaches the maximum.
If the Report options dialog box was called up by clicking the Print preview button, then, after the report file is created, the Print Preview window appears allowing you to start physical printing or call up the Print Preview window of Internet Explorer.

The Cancel button cancels printing.

If, for some reasons, the report you get doesn't suit your requirements, you can choose another report template.

Choosing a report template

The Report template dropdown list contains names of all HTML-printing reports provided for the selected document type.
Each template has a description displayed in the Report description field.

For example, you can choose the Notes report template upon printing Notes.

Example of the Print preview window at printing Notes (template: Notes):

If you want to print a report of some other kind, you can choose the Notes (Blue Header) template.

Example of the Print preview window at printing Notes (template: Notes (Blue Header))

If you don't find a suitable template in the number of templates supplied with the program, you can create your own report templates. (See Example of creating and using a template).

Printing the document tree

To print the document tree of the current gso file, select the Document tree option.

Example of the Print preview window at printing Document tree (template: Document tree)

Printing selected text

Sometimes you need to print not the entire document or record, but a single part of record comments. To do this, prior to printing, select a piece of text to print in the comments (in the main window of the program).
At the same time, the Selected text option (set as default) becomes available in the Report options dialog box.

Upon printing you get a report that looks like this:

Example of the Print preview window at printing Selected text (template: Selected Text)

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