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History of changes

History of changes in GoldenSection Notes

 History of changes
 + Added feature
 * Improved/changed feature
 - Bug fixed
 Version 4.4 (08/09/2011)
    General changes
    ! Unfiled/unassigned records
    + Recycle Bin is automatically emptied upon exit
    + Opening links via Shift+Click (optional)
    ! Support for styles in notes and comments
    - Bug fixes and updates
 Version 4.2 (01/28/2010)
    General changes
    + There was added an option of text wrapping around image or object
    + There was added a menu option "Show Grid Lines" to display the table borders with invisible borders and cell's boundaries
    + The delete option bypassing Recycle Bin (without restore possibility), pressing Shift+Del
    + The possibility of applying the entered password to all files, opened at the moment in the enter password dialog
    + At closing access to protected documents, the access to all opened files is closed
    * Support features of Vista/Win7 themes in menu and dropdown lists
    - Bug fixes and updates
 Version 4.1 (09/23/2009)
    General changes
    + Windows Vista and Windows 7 supported
    + Windows Themes supported
    + Updated interface icons
    + Large icons in menus and toolbars
    + Separate icons for full and empty recycle bins
    + Document status icons are displayed on top of main icons
    + Ability to display special symbols in comments and notes
    - Bug fixes and updates
 Version 4.0 (01/24/2007)
    General changes
    ! Ability to create additional fields in any notes
    ! Creating notes with additional fields from templates
    - Bug fixes and updates
 Version 3.3 (04/18/2006)
    General changes
    ! Added support for Windows XP themes
    + Accessing favorite documents via menu for the program hidden in the Windows system tray
    * The main program icon has been changed
    - Bug fixes and updates
 Version 3.2 (02/20/2006)
    General changes
    ! Favorites menu with links to selected documents, files, URLs, etc.
    ! Pronounceable password generator
    - Bug fixes and updates
 Version 3.1 (12/19/2005)
    From now on, the program supports 32 languages: English,
    German, French, Russian, Spanish, Hungarian, Slovenian, Bulgarian,
    Greek, Czech, Italian, Catalan, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Portuguese-Br,
    Chinese, Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Byelorussian, Swedish, Polish,
    Slovak, Lithuanian, Korean, Serbian, Danish, Romanian, Turkish, Dutch and
    Latvian, Croatian, Finnish, Norwegian.
    ! Ability to operate the program from a mobile/removable drive (USB
      drive, portable HDD, etc.)
    + Automatic file link correction when the program is operated from a
      CD or removable drive
    + Batch operations with records (cut/copy/paste/move)
    + Optional search in Recycle Bin
    * Faster file and search operations
    * Smooth scrolling in the list of records
 Version 3.0 (09/23/2005)
    General changes
    ! Multi-user network operation via the GSDataServer database server
    ! Ability to synchronize a .gso file that is modified on different computers
    ! Interface to create your own plugins
    ! Ability to attach any files (doc, xls, jpg, mp3, exe, etc.) to your records
    ! Recycle Bin to restore deleted records and documents
    * Forward/Back buttons can be used to navigate through both hyperlinks and documents
    + Animated GIF is now supported in Notes and Comments
    + Ability to set the width and background images of tables
    + Scrolling notes and comments via Ctrl+Up/Down
    + Ability to convert hyperlinks to text
    + Displaying the address of a hyperlink as a hint
    * Hyperlink auto-detection (optional)
    - Bug fixes and updates
 Version 2.8 (09/14/2004)
    From now on, the program supports 29! languages: English,
    German, French, Russian, Spanish, Hungarian, Slovenian, Bulgarian,
    Greek, Czech, Italian, Catalan, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Portuguese-Br,
    Chinese, Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Byelorussian, Swedish, Polish,
    Slovak, Lithuanian, Korean, Serbian, Danish, Romanian, Turkish, Dutch and
    ! Automatic spell-checking and thesaurus
    ! Automatic URL detection enabled at text typing
    + Ability to add tabs
    + Ruler to set tabs and indents
    + Support for GIF images
    - Bug fixes and updates
 Version 2.6 (11/26/2003)
    General changes
    ! Support for inputting images via scanners or other TWAIN-compatible devices
    ! Use the mouse or clipboard to transfer and copy documents/records within
      a file and between files
    + Context menu has been added to opened file tabs
    + An ability to change the position of opened file tabs using the mouse
    * The pop-up tip for an opened file tab displays a full path to this file
    + A button to go to the parent document of the current record
      (if you enable the mode that displays records of subordinate documents)
    + In MRU, we added a list of files from the database and the
      "Reload the current file" menu item
    * Currently inaccessible password-protected documents are highlighted with
      gray color
    * When you go to a password-protected document, you are focused on the
      password field
    + "Fix" menu item - to prevent toolbar changes
    + The field "Document" has been added (it can be displayed in the list
      of records)
    * The documents tree remains the same (expanded nodes) when you drag
      documents, perform compressing, switching between files, etc.
    + Now you can set an icon for a document (use the predefined set of icons)
    + An ability to set status icons for documents in the tree
    + Sorting in the document tree on the basis of various parameters
    + Forward/Back buttons to navigate through links
    + An ability to set (manually) an order sequence for records in the list when
      sorting is disabled
    + An ability to create a record following some sample via the "Add as copy"
      menu item
    + A function of saving a backup copy of a .gso file
    + An ability to insert time and date in a record title or document name in
      the documents tree
    + In the printing dialog box, you can choose a type of the printed document
      (other than the current one)
    + An ability to print all child documents of the selected type
    Database control
    ! We've added support for .gso files database control
    + An ability to open documents in the "read-only" mode using the
      corresponding option in the database control window
    + An ability to open files directly from the database control window
    + An ability to set a default color for documents depending on their type
    + Selecting a font for a drop-down list of records
    + Automatic function for closing password-protected documents being idle
      for a certain time
    ! Drag & Drop of text and graphics (and text/graphic files)
      between the program and any other application that supports Drag & Drop
    + Drag & Drop a link from Internet Explorer
    + Dragging files by means of the mouse from Explorer to a note/comment
      inserts the content of these files. If Ctrl is pressed, only links to
      dragged files are inserted.
    + An ability to transfer a part of text from one place in a record/comment
      to some other location (using the mouse)
    + An ability to insert a link as an image
    + An ability to insert a link to a folder
    + A button to set the "Strikeout" font
    + "Table properties" menu item has been added
    + Highlighting an entire row/line by mouse-clicking its left border
    + Two additional reports are added for printing notes
    * Optimized RTF file importing
    - Bug fixes and updates
 Version 2.4 (05/15/2003)
    From now on, the program supports 27! languages: English,
    German, French, Russian, Spanish, Hungarian, Slovenian, Bulgarian,
    Greek, Czech, Italian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Portuguese-Br, Chinese
    Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Byelorussian, Swedish, Polish,
    Slovak, Lithuanian, Korean, Serbian, Danish, Turkish, and Dutch.
    General changes
    ! Inplace editing in Record Details of the current record
    ! Adjustment of element (list of records, comment, Record Details
      window) position via the mouse
    + The Record Details filter has been added
    + When you go to a password-protected document, a password is entered
      in the main program window
    + An option of denying access to password-protected documents
      on program minimizing
    + jpeg 2000 supported
    + Storing export and print paths with possible restoration of
      default paths
    + The Alt+Ins (add a new record) hotkey is added in the record editing
      dialog box
    + It is now possible to convert images in Notes from one format to
      another one (in image editing dialog box)
    + A calendar that pops up above the program icon in the system tray is
      made optional
    * The hotkey to hide the document tree - Ctrl+H - has been switched
      to Ctrl+Alt+H
    * The uniform application hot key can now be used for minimizing
    ! Changing the size of an image using the mouse
    ! On pasting pages copied from Internet Explorer,
      images stored in the browser cache are also pasted
    + Shift + LeftClick on a GSO-link opens the link in the edit dialog box
    + Double clicking an image calls up the image editing dialog box
    + When the "Insert/Link to" menu item is called up, the selected
      text is pasted in the link or header field depending on the content
    + When a BMP image is inserted from the clipboard, it is converted
      into PNG to optimize the size of occupied place
    + Saving images in any supported format with right-clicking the
      mouse on a given image
    - Minor bug fixes and updates
 Version 2.2 (12/26/2002)
    Common features
    + Importing and exporting data into various formats
    + Global search through all documents
    + Password protection of data files and separate documents
    + Simultaneous opening of several files
    + Applying "read only" attribute to separate documents
    + Links between documents
    + Customizing the number/order of field representation in tables
    + Setting up number/order of representation of fields in tables
    + Setting up default fonts for all documents
    + Auto-saving the document that is being edited
    + Printing documents tree
    + Drag-n-Drop records between documents
    + Ability to create several notes in a single document
    + Inserting html-tables
    + Ability to turn off formatting 
    + Increasing the number of supported graphics formats
    + Decreasing (considerably) the size of files that contain graphics
    + Bullets and Numbering 
    + Unicode support 
 Version 1.30 (Build 110) (11/27/00)
    ! First Public version.

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